April 18, 2016

What is the best way to start building up your credit?

I have no credit and no credit card company wants to give me a credit card. I have not been able to buy a car on my own or even get a apartment due to no credit. I need to know where i can go to start building up me credit.


Brainy Buddah

use your current account wisely for around 6 months – then apply for a loan, but don’t take it out. 2 months later apply for a credit card from your bank, and use wisely for a couple of years, paying it off. the amount will increase and people will post you more applications for more cards.Spend it wisely… :)


Get a cell phone and start paying some bills.

Classy Granny

You want to start with simply applying at a store like burdines, etc… or buying a cheap use car… that really works, just make sure to pay ontime

Cara B

jot down every single dime you spend everydayn try to figure out which spending area can you cut down

Adam D

By paying you bills on a timely basis you establish good credit history.This is the best way to establish credit, to show creditor that you are vredit worthy.

Awesome Kai

If you have a bank account, apply for a credit card through them. Pay the balance off every month and that will open the door for other offers by other credit card companies.


most banks offer secure credit cards ( secure credit card – you use your own $ as your credit limit) about $250 to start if you don’t have alot ($500 would be best) . Once you get the card only use it to pay small bills like Gas card or cell phone bill. Pay the balance off every month. It should be easy because you already use that money to pay those bills anyway. Keep it up for @ least 6 months I promise you will start to recieve pre-approved credit card applications all day long!

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