April 18, 2016

What do I need to do to start a elderly transport business?

We used to take a good friend to her dialysis treatments three times a week. So I have access to a van with a wheel chair lift. I’m looking into starting a business with a couple other guys driving elderly to appointments or other destinations they desire. I’m just not sure exactly where to start? I want to know what type of things I need to line up in order to legally take money for this service. I’ll deal with the marketing and growing a customer base when I figure out if I can afford to get this going. Thanks for your help in advance.



elderly people


The people to run your business; get to know nursing home staff and retirement communities for workers.


Get some old people together.Toss them all in the back of your van.Dump them out at their destination and take their cash.Natch.

Erin O

I don’t think you should start a business on something that was born from love and started as non-profit (you said you used to take a good friend to her dialysis treatments three times a week). Did you charge your friend? I guess not.If you are going to do it, do it without charging them. Why does everything have to be a business and a profit?!?!


Write up a business plan first. It will answer some questions you didn’t know to ask. Check with your state for limousine or taxi driver licensing requirements. Check with your insurance company to see if you have the right coverage. Check with the cities you drive in to see if you need a business license. If you’re starting the business with a couple of other guys, get with a lawyer to see if you should incorporate or not. Get the lawyer to write up a business agreement between you and your partners. Good Luck.

Great Dane Lady9931

Hi,For me, the answer of Elcarojim is the best. Don’t worry about. Let start with the smallest things.Step by step carry out what you though. Good luck.

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