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What are ways to find housing during the summer if you’re interning in a city?

I am looking at internships in NYC and Chicago, but I live in California. I want to possibly rent an apartment, or some type of housing for two-three months in the summer so I can work at nonprofits in the area… Is this possible? Do youth hostels generally allow you to live there for a…

Where do I get started playing the stock market?

I have never invested money before and don’t have a clue where to begin. I don’t want to put too much money in it until I see it working for me.

Where can I find Investors for my new online internet start up Company?

I have just recently filed for a DBA, and I have just started writing 2 separate business plans, generally the same idea but different themes. I think this could make a lot of money , and the return would greatly outweight the costs. These websites would generate profit through online advertising and a select few…

How can I get a variety of pictures of winnie the pooh and tigger?

I would just really like a variety of poses of tigger. My girlfriend just loves tigger and would like to get a tattoo of him.

I am setting up a business and would like to have suppot from venture capitalists. How can I start?

The business is based in Hong Kong. Confirmed that the nature will not allow me to apply funding from the government. I am looking for private investors. How can I approach them? Are there any organisations that can refer venture capitalists to me?

How can I get hired quickly for a summer job?

I just need a job for a couple of months, but application processes alone can take that long. I need all the details on how to get a summer job QUICKLY. What are the best companies/organizations to work for over the summer? How can I make sure that the application process won’t take a month?

How to avoid capital gains from a stock spilt?

I own stock expected to spilt later this year. Is there any way to avoid paying capital gains if I move the funds non-stock based investment? My concern is the stability of the stock market as I approach retirement age in the next 10-12 years. I would most like the money in an FDIC insured…

Who is the best person to contact at Yahoo for marketing ideas?

Got a serious idea and wanted to bounce it off of an open-minded Yahoo manager or exec. Who to go to? A name and email would be a good start for now. Thanks.

What is the ventrolateral counterpart of the retrosplenial cortex?

The retrosplenial cortex, a group of para-limbic areas in the posterior cingulate region, connect the parahippocampal cortex with the proisocortical visual cortex, and extends to meet the anterior cingulate cortex near Brodmann areas 24 and 33. If we are to look at a ventromedial counterpart, the most likely candidate is the cortex linking the temporal…

What happens to a short position when the company goes bankrupt?

For example, if I short company X 100 shares at $1 each and then the company files for Chapter 11, what happens to my investment?