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Is it legal to get paid in my US bank account while working from home in India?

I was working in the US on a H1 vias whic has since beenexpired. So I want to continue working from India but want to get paid in my US account. If this is legal, what are the tax issues? What documents/ forms do I need to fill up.Thanks for the answers.I’ll not be working…

How do I sell my home without a Realtor?

Is there anything special i need to know about selling my home without a realtor?

How can one learn how to properly calculate payroll manually in Australia?

I can’t seem to find any books or on the internet on how payroll should be correctly calculated in Australia. Does anyone know? My experience has been that usually no one has any clue whether any deductions or calculations to entitlements are calculated properly. We just seem to take it for granted that if our…

How do I get my neighbors pet to stop pooping in my driveway?

One of my neighbors pets(either a cat or small dog) keeps pooping in my driveway, in the same spot. How do I get it to stop?I don’t know which neighbor it is.

What is the efficiency rating of a diesel engine?

I need the efficiency rating of a diesel engine for a presentation. I can’t seem to find it. If someone could tell me where to find it or just tell me the rating, that’d be great.

How do I deal with being young in the workplace?

I just turned 21 at the end of February and I am very short. I currently work in Real Estate as an Assistant for a VERY established Agent, and am in the process of obtaining my license myself. It is hard for co-workers/clients/the general public to accept the fact I am so much younger than…

How do I pay by paypal using a different method then paypal balance?

I’ve got funds in my papal account but I want to pay for an item using my bank account. When I go to checkout it says pay from – Paypal Balance, is there a way of paying using a different method?Thanks in advance.How do I make my bank account a primary payment method?

How does a international student get a better chance of getting sponsored by an employer in the US?

I have friends who are illustration majors and since the work is freelance, they’ll have a hard time looking for jobs to stay in the US. I also have friends who keep getting turned down because the employers don’t want to pay the sponsorship fees. And they do know about internship opportunities. And volunteering. And…

What is a good career that consists of helping people especially impoverished children?

I would like to have a career that consists of helping people. One of the things that I find interesting but I know I would be too emotional to have the job is a child abuse/neglect social worker. I am considering becoming a pediatric nurse yet I like teaching. I just want to know what…

What is the best and easiest way to rebuild credit after filing bankruptcy?

I own my home and would like to sell in three years to buy another home!