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How do I depreciate a vehicle on my 12 month income statement?

I have a 1986 truck for my business. How should i show depriciation on it over 12 months?

How do I get rid of an IRS estate tax debt?

I have an estate tax debt from my grandmother’s estate. I can’t pay this tax debt, I have other debts I am delinquent on also. What can I do to get this estate tax debt to go away?

What is the best way to fix bad credit with out bankruptcy?

I have a very low credit score with old delinquent accounts. I have heard paying off old accounts is pointless, and will not improve your score. Is there any way to fix credit on your own with out the use of a lawyer etc.

What’s the difference between stop and stop limit sell orders?

How do I put in an ETrade order to sell shares once they hit a certain price? I want to protect myself on the downside. For example, I bought shares of ABC for $10 and want to put in a standing order for a sell at $8, if it ever drops to that price.

What is the cost of a workers compensation injury?

I am looking for the average cost per injury / case of a work comp injury. Preferably musculoskeletal injuries. Also the indemnity costs.Thank you, Patrick Zerr, P.T.

How much will my paycheck increase by taking additional allowances/ exemptions?

I am debating on buying a condo and wanted to know how much my paycheck would increase if I go to 1, 2, 3, or 4 exemptions? Is there a formula or calculator somewhere?Thanks.

What is the best way to avoid inheritance taxes?

My father in-law has a significant amount (7 figures +) in pensions and cash accounts? What is the best way for my wife, her sister and the grandchildren to avoid paying a large portion in taxes.We are all in California.

What is the best way to start a totally new career path ?

Transtioning from one career, to a totally diffrent type of career.

How do I go about performing a marketing audit?

It is an assignment for my Marketing class in my Masters Program. And the text is very vague.

What is the value of understanding job analysis information as an operating manager?

What can you accomplish from this information? How can you implement this into a productive work environment? Please HELP my boss asked me and im not sure what to say back to him