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How many times can you avoid filing for taxes before the IRS sends you a letter?

I haven’t filed for taxes in the past 2 years while earning an income, I’m not suppose to get a return but I’m suppose to pay taxes instead.

What is the best house building trade fair to be an exhibitor at in florida?

My comapny supplies nsulating concrete forms to building companies and I am looking for a trade fair to show my product. What is the most attended show? And what is seen as the best trade fair in florida?Thanks Jeff

What do you think about uniforms in the workplace?

I have worked for the same company for many years now and the dress code has always been business/sporty. Because of some of the younger staff members wearing clothing that is innapropriate(short skirts and exposed tummies)we all get to wear a uniform. This will consist of a vest,pants or skirt in same colour and a…

What is a good example of exploratory research when buying from the internet?

What is a good example of exploratory research when buying from the internet?

Anyone know a good attorney in DC who can help me with opening a restaurant?

I need help dealing with the planning, registration, licensing, incorporation. I’d prefer someone who has a lot of experience with restaurants and other food establishments inside Washington, DC.

How to find the value of a block of land to reduce it from the building value?

I am in Winnipeg Canada.I want to reduce fair market value for the land to calculate depreciation value of the existing building for taxation purposes.What are the available sources to calculate that?

What is the best way to approach a bar/nightclub owner for a sales pitch?

I’m looking for if there are any statistics on best time of day, time of year, etc. I’m also looking for any personal experiences and tips on what to look out for and basics when dealing with bar/nightclub owners. Your answers are much appreciated!

What is an effective way to raise a low credit score when you are young?

I am 21 and i have two items that are negative against my credit score (cell phone,bank account).

What is the best way to deal with being over the limit on your Credit card?

Do I pay the overlimit fee before my next payment is due? Or just wait for it to show on the next stmt?

What is the best way to advertise a legitimate home business that offers the best and safest products?

I have a home business that I want to tell everyone I can about because they offer everyday products such as household cleaners that are safer, cheaper and better.