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What are the main diferent religions and what are their differences?

Please don’t bash on other religions, I respect your beliefs whatever they may be. I just wish to know the differences about the different religions that there are. Jew, Islamic, Christian, Catholic, Bhudists, Protestant, Pagan. And or any others that you would like to mention.No, I’m not writing a paper. It’s something I’ve always wanted…

Where do I find out about getting grants for ex-felons with disabilities?

I have heard there are grants for ex-felons who are classified as disabled and trying to start a business.There are supposedly grants from the federal level that can help an ex-felon who has served several years and cannot get back in their previous trade.

What do I need to do to start a elderly transport business?

We used to take a good friend to her dialysis treatments three times a week. So I have access to a van with a wheel chair lift. I’m looking into starting a business with a couple other guys driving elderly to appointments or other destinations they desire. I’m just not sure exactly where to start?…

What happens to a persons brain when they drink too much alcohol and black out?

How is it they are still able to function but not remember what they have done while under the influence? Any ideas on this?

How do you sell a house using a lease option agreement?

I want to lease my home with an option to purchase. I want to know if I can do this by myself or if I need a realtor. I know how much I want for selling price, option payment and rent per month. Thanks in advance.

What are the available names of low income apartments in crawfordsville Indiana?

I am a single mother of 2 and I am looking to find some of the housing help in crawfordsville.

What is the benifit to a housing allowance if you are a minister?

My husband is a minister and has a $20,000 housing allowance, which he has to prove every year he spent that money on housing. We can’t afford to spend $20,000 a year buying things for our house and know few people who can! Why is that a benifit?

What is the best way to start building up your credit?

I have no credit and no credit card company wants to give me a credit card. I have not been able to buy a car on my own or even get a apartment due to no credit. I need to know where i can go to start building up me credit.

I like to start a small business any suggestions?

I’m tired of working for someone else and feel very ready to run my own show. Any good buisness ideas out there.I have a computer science degree and a minor in business. I also live in the Orlando area.

What types of credit is needed to get a high score?

My credit score is about 615. I am working on improving my score so that I can qualify for a mortgage loan with low financing in about a year or so. I currently have an auto loan, and 3 revolving credit accounts. (All bank credit cards) Two of the revolving accounts are new, and the…